Madison 5-County Peel To Save Discount Cards

Funds For You Fundraising's exclusive Peel To Save discount cards are a fast, easy, risk-free way to maximize your profits! With cards available for the Madison and Milwaukee areas, you've got nothing to lose!

  • Limo Cruise

    Limo Cruise

    Top sellers can party in their own stretch limousine cruise!

  • Big Blast

    Mega Bash

    Reward your students with a Mega Bash moonwalk event!

  • Mega Bash

    Carnival Games

    Games, activities, and prizes await students at a reward carnival!

Service and Satisfaction Second to None

  • School-A-Thon


    The School-A-Thon program is an fun new pledge-based walk/run event!

  • Rewards

    Real Rewards

    Carnivals, prizes, and even cash are all part of our incentive system!

  • Prizes

    Prizes Galore

    Gadgets, gift cards, games, and treats are provided to motivate your sellers!

  • Delivery

    Efficient Delivery

    Funds For You Fundraising prides itself on timely shipment of products!